North Zealand Walking tours

Tisvildeleje Walking Tours

We have our focus on the local history, sustainability and the nature. These are our suggestions:

  • Tisvildeleje before and now – seaside hotels, boarding houses and fiery souls
  • Tisvildeleje – historical summerhouses, creative people  and their exiting story
  • Tibirke lunde og bakker – the artists, the workshops  and  the nature
  • Visit sustainable local producers in the neighbourhood of Tisvildeleje
  • Forage wild food on the beach and in the woods and enjoy eating it at dinner
  • Healing garden – the eatable garden, superfood and nordic medicinal plants
  • Silent walking  3 km – along the beach, meditation exercises and aromatherapy in a sauna
  • Mindful walking 4 km – on the beach and in the woods with presence  and sensory exercises
  • Pilgrim walk 8 km  – on the last stage of the pilgrim walking trail  Esrum – Tisvildevejen

by Guidemette, Mette Kromann Thomsen, Herbalist, Authorised Tourist Guide Copenhagen, Tour Guide Copenhagen, local Tour Guide Copenhagen, Copenhagen City Guide, Private tour with a local in Copenhagen

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