Tisvildeleje walking and bycycling Tours

Tisvildeleje walking and bicycling tours

We have our focus on the local history, local produced food and beverage, mindfulness in nature, sustainability on walking and bicycling tours.

  • Tisvildeleje before and now – nature, architecture, holiday homes  Special event The tours are  made in collaboration with Copenhagen in Common, Unesco World capital of architecture 2023.                                                                                              Hike in the old fishing village Tisvildeleje in north Zealand, known for its seaside hotels, holiday homes and beatiful recreational nature in the forest and by the beach. You will hear the story of how the village and surrounding area became one of Copenhagen´s favorite recreational areas.  Duration 2 hours. Dates and  exact time will come later.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Tisvildeleje before and now – seaside hotels, pensions and fiery souls. We are walking in the forest, along the beach and we listen to the story of the famous seaside hotels of the Swing Time. On this tour we pass by some of Tisvildeleje´s  most known seaside hotels, historical sommerhouses and you hear about the many creative personalities, artist and new initiatives made by the fiery souls of the village. Duration 2 hours.
  • Artists in Tibirke Lunde and Tibirke bakker. Tisvilde has always been known for artists who were found of living in this area in order to get inspiration by the beach, forest and hilly neigbourhood. We  will hear about famous artists who once lived  here  and visit  artists, their houses and gardens and get aquinted with the stoy  of the artists.  Duration 2 hours.
  • Visit  local producers of food and beverage in the neigborhood of Tisvildeleje. On this bicycling tour we visit local sustainable producers of food and beverage. This is a great opportunity to enjoy a gastronomic experience, taste good wine, gin, and local aquavite, eat meat specialities, fresh vegetables, fruit or berries from farm shops. Duration 2 hours.
  • Go Foraging  in the forest and on the beach and enjoy eating wild food for your dinner. On this walking tour we connects us with the nature by walking meditation in the forest and along the beach. We forage wild edible plants/berries and our tour ends on the beach next to the oldest spring in Denmark, Sankt Helene Spring. It has been known since the 1300 century as a place of pilgrimage for sick people looking for a cure in the  healing power of the springwater. Duration 2 hours.
  • Healing Garden – the edible garden, nordic medicinal plants, weeds, superfood, mindfulness in nature. On his walking tour we visit Healing Garden which is my own edible garden with nordic medicinal plants, flowers, berries and fruit. You will hear about nordic medicinal plants, weeds and superfood and their healing properties. We will make a powerdrink and maybe you will be inspired to create your own  natural pharmacy. Duration 2 hours.
  • Pilgrimwalking with mindfulness on Tisvildevejen. On this walking tour, which is the last stage of the pilgrim walking trail Esrum-Tisvildevejen, we walk in Tibirke bakker, in the forest and along the ancient road in scenic Ellemosen and Holløse Bredning. We are in a landscape which for millennia has been full of power places, holy springs, marshy ground and burial mounds. While we walk there will be time for own reflection and we will connect us with the nature by Mindfull walking. The tour ends on the beach next to Sankt Helene Spring. Duration 3 hours.
  • Silent walking along the beach,  walking meditation and sauna gus/aromatherapy.  On this walking tour we walk in silence along the beach, connect us with the nature by using sensory exercises.  At the end of the tour we will have a sauna  gus and inhale the healing properties of the essential oils. Duration 2  1/2  hours.
  •  Guidemette, Mette Kromann Thomsen, certified tourist guide, local guide, acupuncturist,  medical herbalist, mindfulness in nature  

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