Healing Garden

Healing Garden Tisvildeleje 

Body – Mind – Spirit


Apart from being an Authorised Tourist Guide then I am a herbalist, acupuncturist and healer

Healing Garden is not only my garden with nordic medicinal plants, eatable flowers, plants, berries and fruit in Tisvildeleje but tours with mindfullness in the nature such as

  • Gardenwalking in Healing Garden, nordic medicinal plants and their healing properties
  • Make your own natural pharmacy with nordic medicinal pants
  • Gardenwalking in herbal gardens, herbal medicine  before and now
  • Forage wild food on the beach and in the woods
  • Walking meditation on the beach and in the woods


Healing garden – nordic medicinal plants – phytotherapi – meditation in nature

by Guidemette, Mette Kromann Thomsen, Herbalist, Authorised Tourist Guide Copenhagen, Tour Guide Copenhagen, local Tour Guide Copenhagen, Copenhagen City Guide, Private tour with a local in Copenhagen

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